Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Westbrook Released: You Know the Deal

Rather than pay Brian Westbrook the 7.5 million they would have owed him in 2010, the Eagles released their former All-Pro running back today.

There has been talk of the Bears going after a running back in free agency to pair with Matt Forte. Obviously, LT has been the focus of much of this. BUT - In a Mike Martz offense, nobody would be a better change-of-pace back than Westbrook.

The Bears would have to be crazy not to try and get the Villanova grad on board for next year, along with Torry Holt, who has repeatedly said he wants to come to Chicago. Please, Jerry Angelo. I had mixed feelings about Tomlinson. But Westbrook has been in timeshares his whole career. I know he has been banged up repeatedly, but when he's healthy, this is one of the league's finest RBs, and easily the best pass-catching back in the entire league.

An upgrade over Kevin Jones and Garrett Wolfe? A team guy, a class act, and a great addition to the locker room? This is a no brainer.


  1. nothin? sigh... let me just say, if we go into another season with Jones and Wolfe as the backups, I will have very little hope for any kind of success on offense.

  2. I'll take westbrooke, he'd work great in Martz system