Friday, February 26, 2010

Noffke's Mission Accomplished

That's right folks. I set this dumb goal a long time ago and I finally accomplished it. I wanted to be in Stewart Mandel's Mailbag, and wanted to have my question answered in one of Bill Simmons chats.

In 2008 I accomplished my Mandel goal. Scroll to the bottom of this post and I am Steve from Chicago.

The coolest thing about writing to Mandel is he responds to your e-mails even if he doesn't post them in his mailbag. I have written him 3 or 4 other questions that I was curious about, like what does the HD stand for in Penn State's Spread HD offense, and he will write a personal e-mail in response. Real cool guy and one of my favorite sports writers.

The second part of my goal got accomplished today. I know it's a long chat, but in there you will find this

Steve (Chicago)

What's Worse. A staute built to Bud Selig, or the NBA championship trophy being named after Larry o'Brien?

Bill Simmons (2:00 PM)

The Larry O'Brien trophy. By the way, I tweeted this yesterday but I'm saying it again... I think the Selig statue should have smaller statues of baseball players roiding up in front of it while the Selig statue looks the other way. And I think it should be blacked out every Saturday afternoon during baseball season.

Amazing! This is right up there with befriending my neighbor Minnie Minoso. I am way to proud of this and yes I am a huge nerd.


  1. Simmons' 'how to fix the NBA' column is one of the best and most incisive pieces of sportswriting by anybody all year. Seriously. What a killer article.

    Oh, and congrats, Noffke!

    My crowning achievement in 'mainstream media' --> a guest writer article for the Tribune Online (back when they used to do them once a week) on the 2005 NFL draft (might have been 02, or 03, can't remember).

  2. I got in the ESPN big ten blog mailbag...that should be the next goal Noffke