Monday, February 22, 2010

Naperville: Home of Champions

According to ESPN Naperville is the home of champions! That's right all you Evanston or Arlington Heights natives out there, Naperville is a champion.

On top of this, we can't forget that Naperville is also one of Stephen Colbert's hometown hero towns.


  1. Candace Parker : WNBA
    Evan Lysacek : Men's figure skating (approximately as relevant as WNBA)
    Sean Payton : Ok, that one counts.

    Enjoy your prefab McMansions and lame ass strip malls, Naperville... Shani Davis trained in Evanston, and we have miles of beaches. Plus, a cab ride home after the bars is like ten bucks, because there's no suburban sprawl - $85 to get towed home? Give me a break.

  2. We also have Owen Daniels, not a champion yet. There is a famous MLB player, retired MLB player, whose name escapes me. You guys are just jealous that your hometowns didn't get mentioned by ESPN (one thing they got right).