Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Weekday Watch: Olympic Hockey Quarterfianls

Today is the Quarterfinals round for Olympic Hockey and there are tons of great games all over the place. (All Times Eastern)

USA vs Switzerland (3 PM)

The United States already beat the Swiss 3-1, but Swiss goalie Jonas Hiller has been play better since them. The USA should win, but shouldn't take the Swiss too lightly

Who I want to win: USA
Who I think will win: USA

Canada vs Russia (7:30 PM)

A lot of people predicted this would be the Gold Medal game and feel that these teams are still the best two this year. I think this will be the match of the tournament. The NHL's two biggest young stars are going at it (Sid the Kid and Alexander the Great). If you enjoyed USA vs Canada, please turn this game on, you'll love it. SI's Mike Farber does a great job breaking the game down more in depth here.

Who I want to win: Tough choice, but Canada
Who I think will win: Canada

Czech Republic v Finland (10 PM)

Each of these teams finished in second place in thier respective groupings. Each have a handful of NHL players. Both teams have played in Gold Medal games before (Czech '98, Finland '06). Each team has the potential to get back there.

Who I want to win: Czech Republic
Who I think will win: Finland

Sweden vs Slovakia (Midnight)

Two Blackhawks will be playing for Slovakia which is a team many had a possible suprise team in the tournamnet. Sweden has been playing well and not lost yet, so it will be a tough chore for Hossa and his friends.

Who I want to win: Slovakia
Who I think will win: Sweden

Enjoy some hockey today, and turn on Russia vs Canada, trust me you'll love it.

One intresting statistic I found on to close.

10.6 -- Canadian viewers, in millions, that watched the U.S.-Canada game Sunday on CTV, the most-watched sports program in Canadian history, according to CTV. The previous record of 10.3 million viewers watched Canada beat the U.S. in the gold medal game at Salt Lake.


  1. The Swiss scare me because of Jonas Hiller. He is a solid goaltender that is carrying the Swiss and I've think we witnessed first hand what a good goaltender can do for your team. The Swiss also took Canada to a shootout so they could very well beat the US. Plus I still think the US defense is not solid they give up to many odd man rushes.

    The Canada and Russian game should be a great game as you have pointed out. Crosby and Ovechkin dont like each other at all. For those who dont watch a lot of hockey whenever these two face off in the regular season it gets ugly. Penguins vs Capitals games are fun to watch so if there is a chance to watch them I think you should. In terms of Canada/Russia, its tough to say who will win. I think it will come down to who has the better goalie

  2. Well the USA won. Any word on who they would play next (I mean like they do in the NBA if a 1 seed beats an 8 seed they play either the 4/5 seed. Thus, as an example, USA would play Russia/Canada who ever won... wow i made that far more complicated than needed).

  3. USA plays winner of Finland/Czech, which was 0-0 in the 3rd period last i heard.

  4. Finland Won

    and I appoligize to anyone who watched Russia Canada. Not as good as a game as I thought