Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Scott Cochrane: Talking the Talk

For a second straight season, one of Alabama's best pro prospects is making news for all the wrong reasons. Remember Andre Smith (pictured above) looking like Homer Simpson on a treadmill last season? ("I'm disgusted, yet I can't look away... it's like a lava lamp!")

This is the man responsible for the flab : Alabama's strength and conditioning coach, Scott Cochran.

"I'm tellin' you to take it! That's all ya need to know!"

Uhh, thanks Coach. Because if we all listen to you, we'll end up looking like Terrence Cody?

...if I'm an NFL team, that's the kind of girth I want out of MY first-rounder! How does a strength and conditioning coach keep his job when his guys end up looking like they ate Rolando McClain ?? Speaking of which, has anybody seen Rolando lately?


  1. texts from last night, ACSS edition:
    (630): U just miss me and that's why your posting pictures of fat men
    (224): You are way sexier than Terrence Cody.

  2. Hahaha on the texts.

    I wrote an article about Andre Smith last year (see below). How can these guys keep showing up in such bad shape?


  3. Andre Smith running is so gross, it makes you want to throw up, but as you said Fodor, you can't help but stare. It's like an inkblot.